Your Membership is up for renewal

Your SACLXT membership needs to be renewed. 

SACLXT Annual Renewal starts on January 1. We ask that you pay your membership dues and fees NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 28  each year.

After February 28, it is still possible to renew online: An automatic $25.00 late fee is applied.

After March 31, it is not possible to renew online: An automatic membership lapse occurs. 

On the following pages you will be required to update your Membership Profile, which constitutes an Application for Membership Renewal. Please review your information carefully, updating any data that is incorrect or out-of-date. For any questions you have about completing your Profile, please contact the SACLXT Office by email:

After updating your Profile, you will be required to select your Membership Type. If you choose Active type, you will then be prompted for your Status: Full Time, Part Time, or Casual.

As the last step you will click on a button saying Invoice Me. You will immediately receive an e-mail confirming your renewal, along with an attached invoice. However, your renewal will not be processed until we have received your payment. 

You must submit your payment such that it arrives at the SACLXT offices no later than February 28th. Late payments will be charged a $XXX late filing fee.