Code of Ethics

The practice of Medical Radiation and Laboratory Technology requires Knowledge and Skill, applied with Concern and Sensitivity for the well being of the Patient. Every Practicing Laboratory and X-Ray Technician must:

  1. Be certified in the discipline of practice.
  2. Provide service with dignity and respect to all people regardless of race, religion, sex, age, type of illness, or mental or physical disability.
  3. Encourage the trust and confidence of the public through high standards of professional competence, conduct, and appearance.
  4. Conduct all technical procedures with due regard to current safety and regulations.
  5. Refrain from divulging any diagnostic information or diagnosing or interpreting any results upon the request of the patient.
  6. Preserve and protect the confidentiality of any information, either medical of personal, acquired through professional contact with the patient.
  7. Ensure that any results one sign will have met all criteria of acceptable practice, and will not have been falsified in any way.
  8. Co-operate with members of all related professionals in the delivery of effective health care.
  9. Advance the art and science of medical laboratory and radiation technology through constant effort toward professional development.

The Saskatchewan Association of Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technicians recognizes it’s obligation to identify and promote professional standards pf conduct and performance. The execution of such standards is the personal responsibility of each member.