Continuing Education

Category I
Documented Educational Activities Relating to Scope of Practice

10 credits for every 15 contact hours to a maximum of 15 credits in 5 years.
Completion of activities such as accredited courses and attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, or other educational activities relating to scope of practice and *must provide documentation

  • CPR/First Aid
  • TDG
  • RCT or ARCT
  • Train the Trainer
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Becoming the trainer of job related required classes (i.e. Instructor of WHIMIS, TDG, etc.)
  • Training on new equipment; must be a minimum of 4 hours or training to claim for credits.
  • CAP courses
  • SACLXT conference: 4 credits for one day, 8 credits for full conference
  • Medical Diagnostic Courses (RCT, MRI, Preceptor Prep Courses, etc.) Counts for hours assigned by facility.
  • Personal Development Courses/Training (i.e. Aboriginal Awareness, PART, Gentle Persuasion, etc.) 

Category II
Informal Educational Activities

1 credit/contact hour to a maximum of 5 credits in 5 years.   Undocumented activities such as reviewing related articles in journals, newspapers, textbooks, SAHO videos, internet articles.

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This does not include reading work manuals.


  • Reviewing/performing CAP or Cequal or Digital PT (max 1 credit per year)
  • Performing professional activities not a part of your everyday normal job activities such as reviewing diff slides, reviewing Xray positioning, or reviewing ECG material.
  • Instructing other health professionals to perform work related tasks such as glucose monitoring
  • Check list competencies; if NOT being used for returning to work. 

Category III
Professional Activities

Professional activities such as serving on the SACLXT committees or sub committees, attending SACLXT AGM, or serving on workplace committees.
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  • Attending SACLXT AGM - 3 credits per year
  • Serving on SACLXT board - 4 credits per year
  • Serving on SACLXT sub committee (i.e. Program Advisory Committee, Self-Regulation, etc.) 4 credits per year to a max of 8 credits per year.
  • Member in good standing of SACTA, SAMRT and SSMLT - 1 credit per year
  • Other workplace committees (OH&S etc: 2 credits per year per committee

Credit System Guidelines

  1. requires 20 credits in 5 years. Contact hours include the number of hours of instruction assigned to course and does not include exam or assignment time.
  2. All information must be as complete as possible on your Member Portal page on the SACLXT website, under the Continuing Education section. Missing information may cause a delay in assessing credits or possibly not being awarded credits.
  3. A copy of any documentation that proves participation in educational activities should be uploaded to the Member Portal on the SACLXT website, under upload documents, with the number of contact hours indicated. Original documents in the form of receipts, transcripts, etc. should be retained.
  4. Contact hours include only the number of hours of instruction or the number of hours to review material in all categories. In the case of accredited courses taken through Saskatchewan Polytechnic, NAIT, etc. these courses are given credits by the Institute.
  5. Credits earned are in effect for 5 years from the date they are earned, not just for the year that they are reported.
  6. Approval of continuing education credits are at the discretion of the SACLXT Board of Directors.

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